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Smooth Sin: Experience The Best Waxing Service at Fringe

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Tailored Waxing Solutions for Every Part of Your Body 

Waxing isn’t just about removing your unwanted hair, it’s also about revealing the true beauty of your skin. At Fringe Salon & Spa, our waxing professionals use the best techniques, high-quality wax, and a gentle touch to ensure every waxing session is perfect and comfortable for you. We focus on both comfort, and precision above all else. Whether you’re a regular and are used to it, or this is your first time, we make sure that you can trust us with your experience. 

We take pride in using waxing products that prioritize your skin’s health and to minimize discomfort. The techniques used by our estheticians ensure efficient hair removal, giving you results that are both smooth and soothing. Let us help you feel your best self! Our waxing services in St. Louis will help you redefine your notions of waxing, making it a moment of embracing the confidence that comes with it. 

A woman having her legs waxed.

Signs It’s Time to Consult a Waxing Professional

With a crazy schedule, maintaining perfectly smooth skin can sometimes be put in the back of your mind on things to prioritize. However, Fringe makes it extremely easy to fit it in your schedule! If waxing is on your list of wants, how do you know when its time to book an appointment?

  • Visible Hair Growth
    • If you’ve previously waxed and it’s been a few weeks, the hair has grown back and is in need of being removed again. Or, if this is your first time, you’ve grown it out significantly to prepare for a wax. 
  • Rough Skin Feeling
    • Your skin has lost its softness due to excess hair growth.
  • Upcoming Special Occasion
    • Vacation, events, or anything that you want to feel confident for.
  • Ingrown Hairs
    • Discomfort from hair growth.
  • Self-Care
    • Sometimes, it can all be about wanting to feel good! 

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Everyone has a different pain tolerance, however our professionals ensure that the waxing process is as comfortable as it can be. 

Waxing results last between 3-6 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the hair. 

Exfoliate the area that’s being waxed a day before the appointment, and avoid heavy lotions or moisturizers on the day of. 

Of course! There are specific waxes that can be used for sensitive skin. 

Avoid hot showers, exposure to the sun, and tight clothing for a day after your waxing. Also, make sure to lightly moisturize and exfoliate to keep the skin smooth and avoid ingrown hairs. 

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