Dive Into The World of Nail Artistry 

Your Canvas of Expression: Nail Services at Fringe Salon & Spa

Manicures: Your Path to Polished Perfection

Nail Perfection At Your Fingertips

At Fringe Salon & Spa, your nails are a canvas for expressing your individuality, mood, and style. The possibilities are endless! Our nail technicians use the best products and techniques, along with a palette that can create anything you can imagine. We’re committed to celebrating your individuality through nail art. Our nail services go beyond the ordinary; we use creativity, precision, and luxury to redefine manicures. 

From meticulous manicures that transform your hands into works of art, to pedicures that indulge your feet with comfort, our nail services cater to all of your nail care needs. We take pride in using premium nail care products that prioritize aesthetics and health. From vibrant colors to subtle shine, our nail artists possess the expertise to create looks that show off who you are. 

Our nail services here at Fringe are a journey of self-pampering. As you dive into the comfort of our salon, you’re welcomed with an ambiance that soothes and revitalizes your spirit. Regardless of if you want self-care, or to prepare for a special occasion, we promise to have you revel in the joy of our artistry.

Signs It’s Time to Consult a Nail Professional

Sometimes you may not notice that your hair needs some help. When is it time to call a professional?

  • Visible Wear & Tear
    • Chipped polish from a previous nail job, broken nails, or nails that need some TLC. 
  • Outgrown Nails or Cuticles
    • When the nail bed is covered by overgrown cuticles or nails that are too long and break easily.
  • Seeking Relaxation Time
    • Getting your nails done is always a relaxing experience that everyone deserves! 
  • Nail Issues
    • Dry skin, ingrown nails, or pain.

View our pricing before booking!

A manicure can last up to 2 weeks! Regular sessions every 2-4 weeks helps maintain healthy nails. 

Of course! We prioritize hygiene for every single client of ours. 

We love creativity! If you have a design that you would love to have on your nails, please provide us with a photo and we can bring it to life! 

Avoid using your fingernails as tools and using chemicals. Always make sure to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer. 

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