From Subtle Elegance to Show-Stopping Glam

Flawless Makeup Looks for Every Occasion 

Expert Techniques to Elevate Confidence 

Designed For Your Unique Identity: The Art of Makeup at Fringe 

Whether you believe it or not, makeup truly is a powerful tool. It’s art that takes passion and precision to achieve the perfect look. At Fringe Salon & Span, our makeup artists are not only skilled technicians; they are visionaries that understand everyone is unique in their own way, and in turn show that through makeup. Using the best products and techniques, we achieve looks that enhance your confidence and natural beauty, and make you feel even better. As a leading beauty destination in St. Louis, we’re dedicated to revealing that beauty within. 

At Fringe, we understand that makeup is transformative, capable of bringing forth your inner radiance in many different ways. Our skilled team of makeup artists know the ins and outs of the industry. Whether you’re seeking a subtle everyday look, a glamorous red carpet appearance, or bridal makeup that harmonizes with everything you dream about, we’re here to help you create experiences. 

We take pride in using the very best products that enhance your beauty along with nourishing and protecting your skin. From flawless foundations to captivating and bold eyeshadows, every stroke shows our commitment to quality. Our premier makeup service isn’t just about technique, it’s about self-confidence. We reveal your finest features through makeup, ensuring you step out with a radiance that’s uniquely you.

A makeup brush roll up bag filled with makeup brushes.

Signs It’s Time to Consult a MAKEUP Professional

First impressions matter, and our face is the first thing people see! When should you consider professional makeup services like we offer at Fringe Salon & Spa?

  • Special Occasions
    • Weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, or any other day that you want to feel extra special and glam.
  • Professional Events
    • A presentation or even a photoshoot where looking your absolute best is crucial.
  • Trying New Things
    • If you’re curious on how makeup works, or looks on you, we can help you. 
  • Boost in Confidence
    • Sometimes, a confidence boost is all you need. No one needs makeup, but it can help make you feel extra special.

View our pricing before booking!

Of course! If you’re familiar with any makeup brands, but still want to get a professional makeup job done, you are more than welcome to request during your session, as long as we have the products. 

It is always based on the kind of look that you’re getting done. Usually, a session can last up to an hour. 

Of course! Our job is to ensure that you are absolutely happy with the final look that you’ll receive when the special day comes. 

Yes! Our skilled makeup artists easily work around blemishes such as acne, ensuring a beautiful finish. 

Make sure to not touch your face! We use setting sprays and finishing powders to prolong the makeup we complete. 

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