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Our hair is an extension of our identity. At Fringe Salon & Spa, we go beyond your typical cut and style. Our stylists create hair masterpieces that are tailored to all individual wants and needs. The passion for creating exquisite hair experiences is the heart of our service, We’re committed to delivering excellence in every strand in St. Louis. Whether you’re seeking a haircut that compliments all of your features, a vibrant color that shows off your personality, or a style that captures the essence of a special occasion, our hair care experts craft looks that are all about you. 

A hairstyle is a form of self-expression. Our hair services go far beyond the basics, we offer creative artistry and personalized looks that ensure every client is satisfied. Along with that, our hair services cater to all hair types and textures. With Fringe, your hair is a canvas for creativity and a reflection of your personality. Experience the luxury of salon services that elevate your style and confidence, your hair deserves nothing less than the best. Join us at Fringe Salon & Spa to discover the magic of our hair services.

Signs It’s Time to Consult a Hair Professional

Sometimes you may not notice that your hair needs some help. When is it time to call a professional?

  • Split Ends
    • The tips of your hair are fraying.
  • Fading Color
    • Your once vibrant color is now dull
  • You Want To Change It Up
    • You’re looking for something different or a different style.
  • Hair Texture Issues
    • You have frizzy hair, lack of volume, dry hair, or other similar issues.

View our pricing before booking!

Trims should be completed every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends away and for your overall hair health. 

It depends on how dark your hair is! It might require multiple visits to achieve the shade that you desire without compromising the health of your hair. 

Color-protecting shampoo/conditioner, as well as treatments can keep your hair feeling fresh, even after an appointment. 

Our expert stylists are here to help! We can recommend any styles, shades, or cuts that can complement your style. 

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